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When your company’s revenue comes from labor, you need GHR system to manage your labor forces, to increase your income, and to reduce your running costs.

Yes, it can get messy, but not when you are using GHR system, because it was developed in the Arabian gulf for the Arabian gulf companies.

GHR System manages all your daily HR, Payroll, Attendance, Operations, Transportation, Clients, and Revenue needs in one single system.

Distributing your manpower staff into clients and projects. Managing accommodation camps and rooms. Managing timesheets and attendance. Managing annual leaves and air tickets. Transferring wages to banks for hundreds or thousands of workers. Managing tens of buses’ routs and drivers. Managing sick leaves and work injuries compensations. Managing resignations, terminations, and custody. Managing resident permits, health checks, and passports. Managing warnings and awards. Managing CVs and work visas. Managing visa job titles, payroll job titles, and revenue job titles. Managing all the needed tasks of a growing manpower staff.

GHR Launcher

One Windows application to launch all GHR modules

GHR Employee

GHR Employee is a Personnel Management Module that controls the employement-cycle of the employee from the date of recieving the CV till the End of Service

GHR Attendance

GHR Attendance module controls the attendance of the employees according to clocking groups definend and assigned to employees.

GHR Payroll

GHR Payroll module controls the financial relation between the organization and the employee, it provides many useful tools to make the relationship transperant and easy to manage

GHR Operations

GHR Operations module gives the operation manager the tools and utilities to manage project / outlets assignment and accomodation assignment.

GHR Transportation

GHR Transportation modules controls the drivers and vehicle inside the organization, it provides the tools for the transportation manager to assign drivers to vehicles and assign vehicles to projects / sites.

GHR Invoicing

GHR Invoicing module provides the tools to generate invoices for external or internal projects / sites manpower resources.


GHR Map puts all projects / sites of your company on a google map layout with the distripution of workforce to those projects with the assigned cars and vihackes to those projects / sites.

GHR Self-Service Portal

GHR Self-Service Web Portal that enables your employees to access their HR related information without the need to call or email HR Dept. staff.

Who Should Use GHR System?

If your company works in the following domains, and you earn your revenue by issuing invoices for labor hours and you're located in the GCC countries then GHR is the system you need to have


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