GHR System is a comprehensive and integrated solution designed to streamline and automate HR operations for businesses in the Arabian Gulf region. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, GHR System helps companies efficiently manage their workforce, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance with labor laws.

GHR Gulf Human Resources - HR and Payroll System

Workforce Management

Maximize productivity and cost-efficiency by dynamically allocating your skilled workforce to projects based on availability.

Project Operations

Simplify project assignments and ensure smooth operations by effectively managing resources, accommodations, and transportation.

Compliance Assurance

Stay fully compliant with local labor laws and regulations through automated processes, minimizing risks and avoiding penalties.

All-in-One HR & Payroll System

GHR System offers a range of modules and features that cover various aspects of HR and payroll management.

GHR HR and Payroll - GHR Employee

GHR Employee

Efficiently manage the entire employment life-cycle, from recruitment to retirement, with the GHR Employee module. It allows you to easily track employee information, contracts, performance evaluations, and more, ensuring smooth personnel management.

GHR HR and Payroll - GHR Attendance

GHR Attendance

Track employee attendance accurately and efficiently with the GHR Attendance module. This feature enables you to streamline timekeeping, manage shifts and schedules, and generate attendance reports, ensuring better workforce management.

GHR HR and Payroll - GHR Payroll

GHR Payroll

Simplify payroll processing and ensure accurate and timely salary disbursements with the GHR Payroll module. It handles salary calculations, tax deductions, benefits administration, and statutory compliance, providing a seamless payroll management experience.

GHR HR and Payroll - GHR Operations

GHR Operations

Manage project assignments, outlet allocations, and accommodation assignments with ease using the GHR Operations module. It allows you to efficiently assign resources, track project progress, and streamline operational workflows, optimizing project management.

GHR HR and Payroll - GHR Transportation

GHR Transportation

Efficiently manage transportation logistics for your workforce with the GHR Transportation module. Assign drivers, track vehicles, and optimize transportation routes, ensuring smooth movement of employees to and from project sites or accommodations.

GHR HR and Payroll - GHR Invoicing

GHR Invoicing

Generate invoices for internal and external projects or site manpower resources using the GHR Invoicing module. This feature simplifies the billing process, enabling accurate and timely invoicing for the services provided.

GHR HR and Payroll - GHR Map


Visualize the distribution of your workforce across various projects and locations using the GHR Map module. This interactive map-based tool provides real-time insights into employee allocation, project details, and assigned transportation, facilitating efficient resource management.

GHR HR and Payroll - GHR Self-Service Web Portal

GHR Self-Service Web Portal

Empower your employees with the GHR Self-Service Web Portal, allowing them to access their HR-related information, submit leave requests, view payslips, and more. It reduces administrative overhead and enhances employee engagement.