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DrStore Application for Users – Terms & Conditions [Jurisdiction] Effective date: 1/4/2022 ATTENTION: Please read these DrStore for Users Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) before accessing or using the DrStore Application and services. These terms and conditions (“Terms”) set out the terms and conditions applicable to DrStore application for users as provided by DrStore through DrStore LLC. or any other affiliated or sister company (“DrStore”). These Terms govern your access or use of the DrStore application for Users and services in Qatar including (but not limited to) transfer and sharing of personal data, confidentiality, intellectual property ownership, third party interactions and indemnification. If you do not agree to these Terms, or wish to discontinue using the application and the services, you should not continue to use the DrStore users’ application. By continuing to access the application and by using the services you agree to be bound by these Terms. These Terms only relate to the use of the application and services of DrStore available on the DrStore application as described herein below. Definitions “Application” DrStore mobile application which avails to DrStore’s customers the purchase of home products and their delivery to their homes and the application avails smooth and smart marketing services for all kinds of home requirements and electronic commerce to customers by uploading the Application on Customers’ mobile phones. Such platform shall provide the licensed entities with the ability to list their licensed products, services; in addition to providing marketing content to DrStore’s users through it. “User” or “You” means any natural person in Qatar whether an Qatarian or a foreigner of at least 18 years of age who downloads the Application on his/her mobile phone and completes the registration procedures of inserting his name, phone number, email address and all other required data and receiving a text message (SMS) on his mobile including a verification code to confirm his/her identity and to complete his/her registration on the Application and who expressly confirms having read these Terms and agrees to be bound by them. You agree to update and amend the above registration information if required from time to time according to DrStore’s policy. Products: means any products sold from DrStore to the Customer in accordance to the applicable Laws and Regulations in the Arab Republic of Qatar on the Application. Personal and Perishable Products: Products stipulated in Articles 13 and 26 of the Executive Regulations of the Consumer Protection Law issued by Decree No. 882 of the year 2019 which cannot be exchanged or returned within 14 days from the day of its receipt including but not limited to the following: All products that its characteristics or the method of its packaging and sealing prevent it from being returned in its natural condition upon contracting. All Books, newspapers, magazines or digital programs and its equivalent. Lingerie and underwear and wedding dresses in case they are unpacked. All cosmetic and beauty products. Jewelry and its equivalent. Video Tapes, CDs, or digital disks or Information Programs or printed materials if unpacked by consumer. “Electronic Bill” means the Electronic Bill issued by DrStore through the Application to any customer which includes the date, name of the Customer, type, quantities and price of sold Products including Tax Registration number of DrStore and CR. Terms of the Agreement These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between You and LLC , a company incorporated and existing under the laws of Qatar, having its head office located at Al Rayyan. Qatar, with a commercial registration number 146141, Qatar (hereinafter referred to as “DrStore”); and by downloading, installing or using the Application for the purposes of opening an Account, accessing or using the Services you: Agree that you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to these Terms; and Acknowledge that your express approval on these Terms will automatically apply once you use the Application and Services; and Acknowledge and agree that DrStore and any of its group companies or sister companies or its affiliates offer each of the services detailed below; and Acknowledge and agree that DrStore has the right to immediately terminate your access to your account in case you breach any of these Terms. You expressly acknowledges and declare that you are the only responsible person of your data and your account and your inserted password to access your private account on the Application and that you have solely the right to use your account and that it is prohibited for any other person than you to use the account and in case of breach of any of the above, you expressly acknowledge and agree that DrStore has the right in this case to immediately terminate, at its sole discretion, your access to your account and to terminate these Terms. You agree expressly that DrStore may have access to some or all of your personal data availed on your account and share it with DrStore’s employees, or subsidiaries or third parties for availing the services subject of these Terms without prejudice to the applicable Personal Data Protection Law. You expressly agree and acknowledge that DrStore is not responsible of any marketing content of products or services etc. availed on the Application and that the advertising entity has obtained all necessary licenses and approvals to avail this advertising content about its products or services without any liability on DrStore. Use of DrStore Application and Services Any information requested by the Application as amended from time to time; and You must open an active and valid account on the Application to use DrStore’s services as detailed below: You install the Application on your mobile phone; and expressly agree on these terms and to insert the following data: You enter your User name to access your account on the Application through your email address; You enter your phone number; and You enter your address in details. You receive a verification code via SMS on you your mobile number; and You enter the verification code; and Once you receive the verification code and insert it you may start browsing the Application to purchase the Products. Ordering Products After having completed your registration on the Application you can order the Products by following the steps detailed below: You browse the Application by searching the products you wish to purchase available in the stock of the Application. You add the displayed Products in the shopping Cart. You add the delivery address; and You view the order and choose convenient payment method and confirm it; You receive a confirmation that your order is successfully submitted You hereby agree and expressly acknowledge that the sale of the Products displayed on the Application are products directly sold by DrStore upon availability of the products in the stock. You agree that number of products in Stock may be frequently updated upon availability. You hereby agree and expressly acknowledge that the exchange and refund policy rules of the Products whether ordinary products or Personal Perishable Products displayed through the Application shall be subject to the Provisions of the Consumer Protection law number 182 of 2018 and its Executive Regulations and any amendments to them. Amendment and Termination DrStore has the right to terminate these Terms or terminate any Services by providing you with a 72 hours prior notice on the Application or email before the termination takes effect without your approval; and your approval on the Terms and your continued use of the Services is considered a prior approval by to grant DrStore this right based on its sole discretion. DrStore has the right to amend these Terms without your approval; and your approval on the Terms and your continued use of the Services is considered a prior approval granting DrStore this right based on its sole discretion. Without prejudice to the termination right granted to DrStore in (a) DrStore has the right to immediately terminate these Terms or (b) any Services with respect to you, or generally cease offering or denying the sale of such products or any portion thereof, at any time in case of your breach of these Terms. Closure of the Account for non usage Your account will remain valid for X 12 months’] from the date of last use of the Application. In case you do not use the account for more than 12 consecutive months the account may be automatically closed. Customer Identification, Fraud Identification and Personal Data Protection and Cyber Crimes Laws You hereby expressly agree and acknowledge that to ensure your security, prevent fraud or identity theft and to comply with Personal Data Protection and Anti-Cyber Crimes laws and regulations (as applicable), DrStore will request information from you at the time of opening your account to confirm your identity, to allow you to open and maintain an account on the Application and to use the Services. DrStore may also request from you to update and verify your information from time to time. This is one way that DrStore can ensure that the only person who can access your account through the Application is you. DrStore may delay your access to the application and the Services until you comply with this information request or other verification steps that may be required by DrStore at any time. DrStore Services DrStore reserves the right to modify the scope of Services to include additional services and/or products or conditions. The Application may only be used in Qatar. Payment Policy You expressly agree to pay for the products or services requested from DrStore in cash or by debit or credit Card at POS machines upon delivery or before or after receiving the service, as the case may be, according to the payment terms of each of them. You agree to add your Bank Card details on the application (if applicable) for online payment options or for online payment services through DrStore’s Licensed Payment Service Providers. Cancellation Policy, Exchange, Refunds and Returns You agree on the following Cancellation conditions: 1. You have the right to cancel your order as long as the order is not dispatched through the Application without paying any fees. 2. In case theorder is dispatched and has not been received you shall pay a cancellation fee not exceeding (10) QR. 3. In all cases, and without prejudice to Consumer Protection Law number 182 of the year 2018 and its Executive Regulations and any amendments thereto: You shall have the right to inspect the Products at delivery time and to return any of the products with the delivery person and the returned Products shall be discounted from your purchase cart and you shall have the right to only pay the received Products from you. You shall have the right to exchange or return the Products within 14 calendar days from the day of their receipt. In case you purchased Personal Perishable Products they can be exchanged or returned according to conditions of the Consumer Protection Law number 182 of the year 2018 and its Executive Regulations and any amendments thereto. In case of return of Products , DrStore shall be liable to return back the Products’ price using any of the following methods: 1. In case you purchased the Products via the Bank’s debit cards or credit cards a refund shall be made to said cards through the Payment Service Providers that have signed contracts with DrStore within the duration needed by Banks according to banking industry practice for effecting such returns payments. 2. In case you purchased the Products and paid Cash on delivery a refund of the same amount of the Product shall be reflected as a credit on your DrStore account on the Application and shall enable you to purchase with it any products displayed on the Application from the date of receipt of products and their inspections by DrStore. Unauthorized use of your Account and Fraudulent activity You agree to notify DrStore immediately, upon becoming aware of any fraudulent activity or theft of your account on the Application. Notifications may be made to DrStore via the Application or Email (info@DrStore.com). You are solely responsible for informing DrStore of any fraud related to your account. You agree that DrStore is not responsible for unauthorized use of your account on the application. DrStore reserves the right (in its sole and absolute discretion) to suspend or void any use of the Application, where DrStore suspects that the Application was obtained or used fraudulently, unlawfully, illegally, involves criminal activity or that you are otherwise in violation of these Terms. Ownership You hereby acknowledge that DrStore is the sole owner of the Application and any related services. Applicable law and Dispute resolution These terms and Conditions shall be subject to Qatari law. The Parties have agreed that any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms shall be referred to and finally determined by the competent Qatari Courts.
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