GHR Story

GHR Human Resources and Payroll System

Welcome to GHR System, a leading provider of comprehensive HR management software designed specifically for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Our journey began with Mr. Firas Shrourou, a distinguished figure in the field of Information Technology with a wealth of experience in both IT and HR management.

After relocating to Qatar due to the ongoing war in Syria, Mr. Firas joined a construction company called Challenger as an IT manager. However, he soon discovered that Challenger was not just a regular construction company; it was a workforce and labor provider for other construction companies. With a sudden surge in demand, Challenger quickly expanded its workforce from 50 employees to a staggering 13,000 employees within a year.

As the HR manager of Challenger, Mr. Firas faced immense challenges in handling such a large workforce using traditional methods and outdated HR systems. The existing processes were failing to keep up with the scale and complexity of managing employee files, compensation management, and regulatory compliance.

Determined to find a solution, Mr. Firas assembled a team of skilled software developers and HR professionals to create a revolutionary HR management system tailored to the specific needs of the GCC region. Thus, the GHR System was born.

The GHR System is a comprehensive suite of modules that automate and streamline HR operations, from personnel management to attendance tracking, payroll management, operations management, transportation management, invoicing, and more. Developed with deep insights into the GCC labor market, the system addresses the unique challenges faced by companies operating in the region.

With the implementation of the GHR System, Challenger witnessed a remarkable transformation in its HR operations. Manual and time-consuming tasks were automated, resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy, and timely compensation processing. The system enabled seamless project and transportation management, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing overall operations.

News of the success achieved with the GHR System quickly spread throughout the region. Companies in the GCC began recognizing the tremendous value it offered and expressed interest in adopting the system for their HR needs. In response, Bosphorus Solutions was established to further develop and offer the GHR System as a comprehensive HR solution to organizations across the GCC.

Today, Bosphorus Solutions is a trusted name in HR management, empowering companies with cutting-edge technology to effectively manage their workforce, streamline operations, and drive growth. The GHR System continues to evolve and adapt, staying ahead of industry trends and regulatory changes to meet the dynamic needs of the Arabian Gulf business environment.

At GHR System, we are committed to providing innovative, user-friendly, and tailored HR solutions that make a real difference for organizations in the GCC. Our passion for excellence, customer-centric approach, and deep understanding of the region's labor market have established us as the go-to partner for HR management.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to shape the future of HR management in the GCC.